Without a doubt, I’m the last American to see Juno. What a powerful film. She has a wonderfully smart mouth, a blended family, a nerdy boyfriend, and an indelible pregnancy test. The little Chinese girl protesting outside the abortion clinic greets her and then reminds her that the baby has fingernails, a memory that haunts her in the sleazy clinic and drives her out to find adoptive parents in Pennysaver news paper.

I feel very virtuous for not mudering her dad for his response to her struggle to tell him she’s pregnant. Vanessa starts terribly perfect, controlling in every detail, but draws Juno in as she plays abandonedly with a little girl. She knows what deserves to be framed. Mark begins so likeable but . . . He deserves the murder I spared Juno’s dad, who utters two of the most caring lines in the whole film to his tearful daughter. Paulie. Well, there’s rumor he may just grow up and really be the man, because Juno gets it and taps into his heart with many boxes of red Tick-Tacks and loving, admiring words that awaken him. The lost little girl looks up for a smile and

Life never quite works out the way one plans. Despite best efforts, love often eludes grasp but then shows up where you’d least expect. Sherry and I walked out of the theater, smiling, holding hands (are we too old for that??), reminscing about the movie. She’s the embodiment of Dad’s advice: Find someone who just loves you the way you are, who will stay close even when you are being a jerk, care deeply even when the distance between is infinite. Hope someday the children may play and smile again.

It’s amazing that this super pro life film is gathering all kinds of awards. The quality is clear, but the message isn’t PC. One must keep watching life. You can miss grace surprises if you aren’t looking.

I’m writing on the third book. Not a fun thing to do at all. But there’s a fulfillment to see how the material I sent Mark’s way is showing up in his chapter drafts that he’s sent to me. There’s a satisfaction to see that a high powered guy like him respects and uses the input I give. Seems unlikely, but there it is.

The sermon for a week from Sunday is on Luke 8:22-56. It’s a press since I have the weekend science and theology class next weekend. I’m also teaching at Living Hope and RiverWest as well as under pressure to finish the ecclesiology book. Oh, yeah, and there’s students and the upcoming D.Min. class and teaching at the Multnomah Missions conference and going to the Resurgence conference for the official unveiling of Vintage Jesus. I see it’s gone from about 10,500 in the Amazon sales rank to about 2,500 rank . . . and it’s not out yet!

Fortunately the crisis I mentioned a couple of posts ago has resolved as well as possible. There’s still lots of pain, but the crisis is at an end. Many hours invested had positive results where things could have been total a disaster.


5 thoughts on “Juno

  1. Hi Gerry,

    You’re not quite the last american to see Juno just yet as I haven’t yet seen it either. I always look forward to days when you teach and enjoyed your sermon very much this past Sunday which leads me to a question… no more of a request for a recommendation.

    I’m interested in plumbing the depths of the gospel’s, specifically with respect to the “Synoptic Problem” and would wonder if you could recommend reading on the topic. Also, if you could perhaps offer your insight on which chronology seems most plausible to you that would be fantastic.

    I just started reading Vintage Jesus… good stuff.

    Thanks again for your contribution to Grace and the Christian community at large.

  2. Gerry, I have heard some negative things about the movie especially from the Christian community. You constantly remind me to see both the good as well as the bad. I tend more toward the negative and seem to expend much more effort in seeing what is good and praise worthy. Sounds like this will be an ideal date movie…….Hmmm. Who should I take? Hey, put the shotgun away, I’m just kidding! John

  3. Julie and I really liked that movie too. I bought the soundtrack for her for Valentine’s Day. I also love your comment about holding hands. I know Julie wish we held hands more than we do… I’ll work on that.

    You sound as busy as ever… great things though. I look forward to seeing all the fruit of your labor.

    Grace and Peace.

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