Sermons I have preached

Videos of Sermons

Numbers 11 Gratitude in the Spirit here

Numbers 22-24 Balaam Blessing Oracles here

Isaiah 52-53 Beautiful Feet here

Matthew 5:31-32, 19:108 Testing Jesus on Divorce here

Matthew 8:18-21 Faith Costs here

Galatians 1:5-10 One Gospel here

Galatians 2:15-21 Christ Lives in Me here

Galatians 4:12-20 Christ Formed in Us here

Audio Recordings


Genesis 12-22: Abrahamic Justice here


Exodus 20: Sabbath: work and rest here


Genesis through Judges: here


Psalm 16: Experiencing God’s Satisfaction here

Psalm 90: Generous with Time here

Psalm 109: Imprecatory Justice here


Job: The Message of Job here

Job: How Do I Make Sense of Suffering? here 

Job: What Will I Do with My Shame? here


Matthew 1:21-23 Immanuel here

Matthew 1:25 Listening to God here

Matthew 3: John the Baptist Preaching here

Matthew 3: Beginning of Messiah here

Matthew 7: Worry Like a Bird here

Matthew 8: Stormy Faith here

Matthew 12: Spirit Wars here here

Matthew 13: Living for Treasure here

Matthew 16: Yeasty Faith here 

Matthew 18: Forgiveness here

Matthew 19: Jesus on Divorce here

Matthew 22: Wedding Banquet here

Matthew 24: Living for the Future here

Matthew 25: Stories for Future Living here

Matthew 26: The Last Supper here


Hebrews 4: Sabbath: work and rest here

Hebrews 6, 10: Warning! here

Hebrews 12: Quest for the City of God here

Recordings of some my sermons available for those who want to listen. They are here.

I preach frequently at Grace Community Church and many sermons are available. Go to and click to the media area.

6 thoughts on “Sermons I have preached

  1. Dr. Breshears,

    I’m working my way through your “Theology of Work” class on and used a link there to find your blog. I’m putting the finishing touches on a book on “biblical rest” and would like to hear/read anything you’ve put together on the topic.

    Some of the links on your “Sermons I Have Preached” page don’t seem to be current. When I click on Hebrews 4 and Exodus 20 links, don’t seem to be working. Any help you could give in connecting to those resources would be greatly appreciated.

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