Uganda Day 3 Masaka (continued)

P4140007P4150003We checked into the Hotel Zebra, getting excellent help as you can see.  The video is here. The entrance to the hotel  was not so impressive, but the facility was very nice. Only problem is that there was no electricity in the town so everything was dark. The greeter assured us that the generator would go on soon and be on all night. I will admit I was skeptical, but his word was good. After we got checked in we went to visit some of the homes of the students. I will put that in a different post since it was so moving.

P4150002Thursday’s supper and Friday’s breakfast were on the veranda. I find that I am a huge fan on Katogo, a savory mix of . . . well I am not sure what. I’ll have to find out. [Update: it has many variations but always includes matooke, a kind of green banana, and a sauce often with inexpensive meat – it was a poor man’s food which has become very popular]

I was deeply touched by the attitude of the mentors, especially Patrick. He was a student from extreme poverty who enrolled in the Hope Alive! Africa program, graduated last year and is now serving as an intern. I have rarely seen some one so bright and also so committed to humble service. His love for Jesus came out strongly as he took a turn leading in the singing and then prayed. Wish I could have gotten more of his story – but he was too busy serving.


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