Romans 15 at Good Shepherd Community Church

I get to preach Romans 15 three times at Good Shepherd Saturday evening and Sunday morning. There is way too much to do justice to of course. The Power Point is here and the outline/summary is here.  I will finish journaling our Uganda trip after I enjoy the preaching.

2 thoughts on “Romans 15 at Good Shepherd Community Church

  1. Was blessed to hear you speak at Good Shepherd this morning! Much of what you said confirmed what I know to be true and am greatful for the encouragement it brought as I apply it to my life. But your understanding of discernment and judgement was especially helpful to me. Accusations of judgement are so quickly thrown by friends who believe very strongly in the importance and power of feelings carrying the heaviest weight that it seems the voice of discernment is lost. I appreciated your example of Jackie Robinson standing so strongly amidst the current of swirling ugly feelings -continuing his winning ways of hard work and application of his abilities and honoring His Lord. Your definitions of accept and hope helped me in my continuing search for activating and understanding loving discernment and how to stand in the face of accusations of judging. Thank you.

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