Lung Biopsy

Sherry drove me down to the early check in and soon the prep team was doing IV, monitors and such. They wheeled me into the same room where the first CT scan discovered the cancers and the very friendly efficient team went to work, doing the scan to find the best place to take the nodule sample. The doctor came in and the process began. I could not see what was happening, much as I wanted to. Then I heard the doctor say something about inserting a chest tube. His pre-op discussion alerted me that I had developed a pneumo-thorax, which is air between the lung and chest wall. That can happen when they insert the needle to get the stuff for the biopsy. He sucked much of the the air out and they did an x-ray to check – more news to come.

The doctor just notified (3:00) me that the pneumo-thorax is small, but still present. So they will continue the suction through the night which means I will be spending the night here. There is some discomfort from the chest tube but other than that I feel fine. Doing the breathing machine to promote the full inflation.

Teaching Prayer and Providence with Todd

Right now (Thursday afternoon), I am co-teaching the Providence and Prayer class with Todd Miles at Western doing it by Zoom in my hospital gown!

The big down side is no visitors – not even Sherry. Maybe even worse, I am in a room with a VERY noisy roommate. 🤢 But lunch came and it was good. Sherry brought my back pack so I can do some work and update this blog.

Noon Friday update: I have had two x-ray’s to check the pneumothorax. It went from 9 mm yesterday to “Prior trace right apical pneumothorax is not definitely identified.” So the suction tube is clamped and another x-ray coming. If it’s good the chest tube will come out. If that’s good, then I’ll be released

Friday evening update: I passed the pneumothorax test and was soon out of the hospital, finally able to put my wedding ring back on. Thursday night was the first night since March 22, 1968 that I have not worn it. I can see why hospitals need to keep patient’s valuables out of their care, but I don’t have to like it!.

So I am at home watching Nicole play tenor sax in the Oregon State Marching band via live stream. And very glad to be felling fine with no lingering effects of the unexpected events of the last two days.

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  1. Oh, Gerry! I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Living Grace to the World… you have not only taught Grace with your words, but have lived it out. Your life reflects Grace. I have been the recipient of God’s Grace, as you have extended it to me. How can I ever thank you for showing me what God’s Grace means? You continue to love and inspire, even while you face these challenges. I don’t like that there are 3 different things going on at once, and am curious as to the update on all of them. Thankful that you are home now, and have the BEST roommate! I am praying for you, without ceasing. Love you so much!

    • I DO have the best roommate, EVER, Bonnie. I receive your words with joy. What a marvelous history and future we have. Love you, always.

  2. So sorry to hear this news, but so happy to hear that you got through this well, so far. Will be praying with others here in Budapest for healing for you and peace and comfort for both you and your wife

  3. Oh Gerry! I’m so sorry to hear you are stuck in the hospital while I am in Alaska. Blake and I came here for his Grandpa Arnold’s funeral and it is my first time visiting. I know you’ve been here lots of times and OH. MY. GOODNESS. it’s so beautiful. Even with all the trees dead (and they aren’t much compared to our trees back home in OR) the snow-capped mountain style hills are more than enough to make my mouth hang open and my eyes bug out! The LORD did some nice work up here! Consider this my ultimate “wish you were here” postcard because if you’re going to Zoom into class this is a much better spot. I love you friend. I’m praying.

    • I know your wonder, Lindsay. It is SO beautiful in Alaska. I should have joined you and Blake by Zoom! Thanks for your prayers and love 🙂

  4. You are a precious father in the Faith to me, Gerry. Love you and Sherry so much. Praying for healing, but ultimately for God to be so tangibly present for you and Sherry.

  5. Please ask the Lord about calling yr local Healing Rooms. They probably can call u with a team on the phone. Or go see them them later. Why not? Those people know how to pray for healing.

    Tk u for praying for my own vision project. Posted on fb today. So many many answers to prayer as this progressed starting with $750 to finance.the thing.
    So far 5 mens prayer gps locally started.
    I think I have part of Dad’s calling to encourage men. (Saw his smiling face fr heaven) The painting guys are all friends I pray with. Go figure.

    • i have the honor of being involved with a large number of prayer people including the House of Prayer in Portland, Yes people pray with strength and wisdom

  6. O friend! Somehow I missed this news. May our Lord of all His Projects, including the amazingly wonderful Bible Project and my WHEN MEN PRAY vision just posted, finish all His best shining work thru these and all the God ideas out there, to capture up every bit of harvest in these special days.

    • Thank you, Kathy. I have just started sharing the 6 week old journey. We had to be sure that family and a few others heard directly from me. It’s now public. I tell the story of your impact in my life often. Thank you for your prayers and example

  7. Good morning, Gerry! Bonnie Holland sent us a link to your blog to let Gabi and me know what you are going through right now. Be assured of our prayers for you during this time … and, ‘Yes!’ this is not the end!! The best is yet to come. I also want to let you know that your ministry in my life is continuing in Malawi, Africa, where I have been involved training pastors. Thank you so much for investing in our lives and your commitment to the truth of God’s Word. We love you.

  8. Wow! Had no idea this was going on in your life. Be praying for you. You are amazing to do a blog…and a class! With all this going on. You are an inspiration. Will pray for rest, restoration and inspiration as you travel this journey.

    Thanks for update!

  9. I’ll be praying for you Gerry! You must really love teaching, if you’re doing it from your hospital room!! I’ll be praying you get some encouraging answers from the biopsy results.

  10. Praying that you will be able to have a restful night and that your roommate doesn’t keep you up! May you feel God’s presence with you. Praying for you and Sherry!

  11. We are praying with you and will continue to check on your posts. So sorry to hear of these health challenges. Your words are, as always, informative and show your faithfulness in your relationship with God and your always present curiosity. Thank you for sharing and know we care. So sorry you can’t have visitors. Praying for you and Sherry.

  12. Dr B, You truly are a kick! In a hospital gown on FB. I presumed you asked for one with dinosaurs but they said they were too short.

    Glad to learn of all of this so I can be in prayer. We’re certainly His, and yes we will be dwelling in the present with Him. Thanks for coaching us -!
    Admiration and love!

  13. Just saw your post Gerry. In the midst of troubles and uncertainty your posts show an undeterred faith and hope in the God that never fails. As usual, you inspire me to stay strong and instep with the spirit. Praying with you and Sherry and all who love you for Gods presence and provision with this latest news and challenges you are facing.
    Love and care, karen

  14. Sstartled by the news brother Gary, praying for God’s special blessings and for skill for the doctors peace for you and your family. I loved the teachings you gave at Village over the years and pray you will bring knowledge and understanding to many bothers and sisters in the future. Brother Bob Fuller

  15. Praying for you my friend, God’s grace and full recovery. You are on the top of my list of God’s blessings in my life.

  16. Praying for all these things in the name of Jesus, Gerry! Thankful for a yummy lunch and that Sherry could deliver your backpack and computer. Asking our Lord to calm and quiet your roommate and grant you both good restful sleep. Sitting with you in the present and trusting God with tomorrow and all eternity. Consider yourself hugged!

    • Your prayers are powerful, Dena. My roommate has been quieter. But I sonder if it’s because he is edging toward death

  17. Gerry, I had no idea you were facing these challenges until I found your Facebook post tonight. From the medical side, your case has some interesting twists. From the friendship side, I don’t like these kinds of twists… Praying.

  18. Sorry to hear this Mr Breshears. I have enjoyed seeing you engage at ETS meetings. Your reputation is a solid one…rooting for good treatment and healing!!

    Ed Kelley
    Senior Executive Pastor
    Shelter Cove Community Church
    Modesto CA

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