Lung Cancer Follow Up

Dr. Corcoran called this afternoon (Tuesday Oct. 26) in between surgeries to give us the follow up on Thursday’s biopsy. That he would make time in a busy afternoon shows the commitment to proactive care which I deeply appreciate!

He confirmed what we expected: it is metastatic melanoma. The BRAF studies which will indicate responsiveness to immunotherapy are pending. He is referring me to the same oncologist who saw me when I had the melonoma diagnosis 6 years ago for follow up work. That adds a fifth doctor to the care team along with who know how many other medical professionals.

The bladder cancer extraction is scheduled for Nov 9. There will be a biopsy of that seemly unrelated cancer. The gall bladder cancer is on hold right now waiting on the other two biopsies. How there can be three different cancers at the same time is baffling to everyone! The melanoma is the bigger issue at this time but all three cancers need treatment.

Sherry is up mostly up but also down sometimes. On the down side, she finds that she can’t concentrate, but not really anxious about me. We are enjoying the husband/wife growing old together with strong family and friend connections a lot.

I am doing fine. No symptoms at all. Same grumpy old guy who believes God is saying, “This is not the end, keep on with what you are doing.” I find there is a LOT of wonderful things that I love doing with and for Jesus that are fruitful and fulling.

I will follow up as more information comes to light.

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    • I am doing well. I get my COVID test today in preparation for my bladder cancer extraction on Tuesday and then have my consult with Dr. Mashru, my oncologist, on Tuesday to see what’s next with the melanoma

  1. We like that “same grumpy old guy,” staying the course. The only thing we want to change is the cancer – still praying✌🏼

  2. Still no symptoms – praise! It encourages me in faith every time I read these, an enjoyment of Jesus and His way in any time. Much love to you and Sherry – warriors! We are believing with you for the word you’ve received and praying often – keep on.

    • Thank you, Bria. We are doing well. Sherry’s “up and down” is mostly up with some down when she can’t concentrate on anything. But we enjoy our times together even more, it seems.

  3. Gerry,
    Grumpy is good. It means I’m not the only one. Praying that you will continue to do what only you can do, as God allows.
    Keep Abiding.

  4. From the person whom you’ve never met yet sends you random questions via email: I’m praying for you. God clearly has more for you to do because I’m not done asking questions.

  5. Gerry, I shared your new cancer fighting journey with all my women at The River last week and we are all praying for you!! Only God can bring healing to your body and give vitality to your life in the days ahead. We are standing with you in faith that He’s not done with you yet! And beseeching Him for the grace and comfort you need as you traverse this journey. You are loved my friend!!

      • We’re praying for you at our weekly prayer meeting too. Wednesday Noon Prayer it’s called. We will beseech God for your vitality and strength. You are not alone in this journey.

        • This is outstanding, Mary Ann. My next procedure will be the bladder cancer extraction on Nov 9 and then an oncology consult on Nov. 11

  6. Prof. Breshears,

    You might now remember me. I took your Theology class online from Western Seminary Sacramento campus. I have been reading about your posts and the diagosis. Just want to let you know that you have made an impact with my study in Western Seminary. You kindness and clear instructions really helped me as a MFT student who graduated back in 2007. I will be praying for you and may God keep you and bless you with His abudant love each day!

    Judy Huang

  7. Gerry
    I was reading from James getting ready to prepare for a sermon on spiritual maturity. James 1:2-8 seems to point to a maturing walk with God sees trials from God’s perspective. Your life is such a testimony for those of us who interacted with you at Western Seminary. My wife and I are honored to pray for you and your family.
    May God keep you in His grip

  8. Hey Gerry! You’ve got this! No symptoms, good! Positive attitude, good! Supportive and loving wife, GREAT! Friends from around the world praying for you, also GREAT! And, you have the best doctor ever, The Great Physician! Praying for clear answers and a fast-healing body. Hugs and heaps of love!

  9. Thanks again Gerry for letting us have a window into your world. As a wife who’s been in a similar situation to Sherry more than once, I appreciate you mentioning how she is doing, too. When we spent days in the chemo infusion ward, I was amazed to learn how many people are not simply fighting cancer, but are really living pretty normal lives for years at a time. Medical appointments have simply been absorbed into their regular schedules. That’s not to minimize your situation, but just that the big “C” no longer necessarily signals the end. David and I are also enjoying the idiosyncrasies of aging together, laughing at ourselves as often as possible. That’s in large part due to your work with us. We are forever grateful!

    • Thank you, Jana. I relish the season of working with you both! At this point there is no hinderance at all. The question is if the melanoma is the sort that is amenable to immunotherapy. If so, it’s treatable without infusions. If not, there is no treatment at this point it seems

  10. SGOG, “same grumpy old guy,” keep on keeping on in the Spirit and faith! And hug that beautiful bride for us, will you?

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