July Melanoma Update

For context (see the April 25 post below), my last CT scan revealed one new small nodule in my lung which the radiologist assessed as a new melanoma nodule. Dr. Mashru was unconcerned, thinking it was inflammation rather than melanoma. I committed to following his lead and wait for my July scan. But there was still the nagging “what if the radiologist is right?”

The good news is that when the radiologist assessed the July scan, he concluded the nodule is “compatible with benignity and likely inflammatory in nature.”

This the radiologist’s summary impression: (1)  No evidence of new or progressive disease. (2)  Stable small noncalcified pulmonary nodules.(3)  Interval resolution of previously-seen right lower lobe subsolid nodule, compatible with benignity.

That is as good as news can possibly be. Dr. Mashru has not uploaded his assessment yet. I’ll edit this post when he does.

9 thoughts on “July Melanoma Update

  1. I just learned of of you from a conversation you had with Dr. Heiser and thought I’d look you up. All the best as you fight those battles.

  2. What good news! Thank you Lord for this answer to prayer!! I have an appointment with you next Thursday (7/27) and am eager to hear more. Thanks for the update.

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