Huge Surprise!

I spent the weekend in Kansas City, with Donn and Susan. The “reason” is the father-son football excursion. It’s become an annual event we both enjoy. Susan and I have a great time too. This time the event was colored a bit by the death of her great aunt and their trip to Iowa for her funeral. I took the time to visit my cousin, Steven, and his wife Betty and my uncle, Truman, and his wife Bernice. Steven and I were almost like brothers, growing up on adjoining farms in Missouri. Susan was having some physical difficulties, exhaustion, swelling, some pain and such. She was set for a series of medical exams on Monday and Tuesday.

So when I saw Donn’s name when my cell phone rang this afternoon, I interrupted my appointment to take the call. I heard him say, “We’re pregnant.”

 Since they’d been told pregnancy was virtually impossible, and they’d given up hope of children several years ago, this was amazing news. “Great,” I responded brilliantly as my mind tried to grasp this news.

Donn went on: “She’s 37 weeks pregnant. We need your prayers.”

My head refused to process the proposition. But it’s turned out to be so. She simply was unaware of her condition. I’ve heard of such things, but now it was my own daughter in law, whom I’d just seen. Thousands of questions gave way to shocked surprise gave way to happy astonishment.

Tonight we had family processing with Sherry, David and Cyndee and me. Susan is in the maternity ward. Donn went home, having seen the couch in the room. It’s possible we’ll have a new grandchild in the next couple of days or in the next couple of weeks.

Huge surprise doesn’t begin to express our emotions. God’s new gift to us has left us breathless.


4 thoughts on “Huge Surprise!

  1. when we talked to her last night, I asked Susan if she’d felt the baby move. She hadn’t and really still doesn’t. Were some medical things that masked pregnancy from the doctors, but mostly it was just the preconception “we can’t have kids” that controlled things. Fortunately her physician aunt advised the pregnancy test!

  2. Congratulations… wow… I can’t even imagine. I will be praying for a smooth delivery and healthy mom and baby. Looking at my one day old today makes me so thankful for the little things. God Bless…

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