Tomorrow is our 40th anniversary and tonight we head off on our adventure. I am doing it in surprise mode. All Sherry knew up to a few days ago was that we were going. She didn’t know I’d arranged vacation with her boss. But as her job is getting quite stressful as the company goes through some major growth, she was making some commitments that I knew she couldn’t keep. So I did give her some hints that let her figure out when we were getting back. She still doesn’t know where, what though she has a good idea of the why (at least I hope so!) It’s great fun playing with my pretty wife!

Nicole and Joy came with Samantha to see Sherry and Cyndee after Cyndee got back from spending two weeks with Elizabeth, Donn and Susan in Kansas City. She had a super time in family as well as being in a place in her work where she could actually take almost three weeks off. Her previous 24/7 stress has eased with a reorg at the Conference Center.

I’ve been doing a D.Min. class which is an all day every day thing. It’s great to be with the guys, but really tiring to go so hard. So the time on the adventure will be a much needed rest time as well as a great celebration.

I’d suggest that you have a look at this video on resurrection weekend. It combines one of my all time favorite Twila songs, "How Beautiful" with scenes from The Passion of the Christ. Combining the incredible scene where Jesus lifts Mary Magdalene from the dirt and Twila’s "How beautiful the tender eyes, that chose to forgive, and never despise" brought a huge emotion rush from me. It’s an exquisite picture.

You can see it here

Blessed Resurrection Day

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