Uncertain Future

Lebanon 1 The pictures of the fighting in Beirut is a very scary thing for us since we are scheduled to depart for that fair city in a week. I missed the war by two weeks when I was there two years ago. Hizbollah’s rise to power, based on their ability to stand up to Israel, is the basis for the year long stand off in selecting a new president. The political situation has been a powder keg for months. It only takes a spark . . . Now it’s here.

So we have a week to see what happens. If the airport remains cut off, then we won’t be able to go, I assume. I can’t imagine trying to walk this road as many are doing these two days. If the situation eases  and the fighters go home, then the decision will be very tough. Will we be able to trust that they will stay at home for the two weeks we are there? We are probably safe at the seminary itself, but airport is in the area where the fighting is. Getting trapped by fighting is not a good picture. So lots of prayers!

I was speaking at the Campus Crusade staff retreat at Sun River Sunday through Wednesday. It was a lot of fun to meet new friends who are committed to spreading the news of the Jesus they enjoy immensely. I not only spoke the three times, but spent a lot of time talking with folk. And I did some writing on the Vintage Church book. That’s book #3. Book #4 is being preached right now. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The brochure for Sun River has a most intriguing picture, as you can see. The little boy mesmerized by the butterfly is just too cool. A friend returned a couple of pictures of me as a four year old in Missouri. I could easily imagine that little boy doing exactly this, totally entranced in the wonder.  Beauty is something that has always captured me. The little boy would immediately want to find the little girl so they could share the beauty. If she weren’t available, he’d be sad, but never try to make anything happen. The exquisiteness of the butterfly is still a picture of the power of God, a power that connects souls.

That same God of Shalom is the one to whom I trust an uncertain future even when I don’t really understand Him or the situation.

4 thoughts on “Uncertain Future

  1. Hey, Taylor. I do wish you could have joined the party at Sun River. There were some super great people there and we had a great time. Thanks for your prayers for Lebanon. Sherry and I really want to go for a two way blessing

  2. I love that you ministered to a bunch of my old friends at Sun River. I’m sure they were blessed by it.
    I’m praying for Lebanon. For you to be able to go and for the other brothers and sisters who are there.

  3. Yeah, I did what I could to challenge things a bit. Trouble is my middle name!

    Now if we can just get the Lebanon trip worked out

  4. Rumor has it that CCC is plagued with trying to figure out if it’s okay for a Christian to be “troubled” and if Jesus was really God, since he wasn’t omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent! Hmm?

    They loved it, Gerry. Praise God for your willingness to minister to others. 🙂

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