This is why I’m confined to home and mostly to the couch. The doctor described it as a wildfire infection that settles in somewhere and spreads. So in the first visit he used a Sharpie to outline the extent. You can see that four days later, it’s not spread much. There is major pain when I go from laying down to putting my foot on the ground and especially when I stand up. The swelling from the inflammation impedes blood flow, so the blood can’t get out of the lower leg. After a couple of hobbling steps, the pain begins subside. But if I stand still, it comes back quickly. Now imagine what getting up to go to the bathroom is like. And then think brushing my teeth.

As of this morning the fire red color appears to have quieted down some. Every step on encouraging.

I hate being sick!

Grandgirls appear tonight so stay tuned for some pictures!

8 thoughts on “Cellulitis

  1. I think ive got cellulitis. My leg has over 6 holes that r open n always draining a clear but yellowish fluid from them. When it dries its a neon yellow. Im really freaked out. I have lupus n a few other health issues but this i cant explain. Im tired all the time, i can sleep 20 hours a day if i wanted. I need to go to Emergancy room is all i can come up with to do. Ive put ointments on it, kept them clean but no signs if inprovment.

  2. I just wish it would go away! I’m tired of being cooped up at home with my leg up. Antibiotics are wonderful, but they take a toll on my system. Sigh!

  3. You asked, Where’s God in this? The Gospel of Wikipedia prophesies: “[Cellulitis] is also referred to as John Wayne’s disease, because of the limp some sufferers develop.”

    Connecting the dots — Sounds like God is making you into his image, not John Wayne’s, but the one greater than even John! Oh, not the one who walked with a limp, having been touched by God, but the true Israel, the one who came from the Father, Jesus the Messiah.

    Seriously, Gerry, I’m marshaling my friends to pray for you, not that you limp physically, but the spiritually you limp in the likeness of the true Israel and that you are quickly and completely healed!

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