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My friend Rob Schwarzwalder is Senior Vice President at Family Life Council. He notified us that the Gay Lesbian Activists Alliance just updated their 2010 agenda. So rather than debating whether there is a "homosexual agenda" or not, it is better to read it for yourself. It is here.   Among its many policy proposals (some of which already are in place) are:

** Legalization of prostitution
** Permitting "adult" entertainment (e.g., strip clubs and pornography centers)
** Requiring libraries to carry "gay friendly" books
** Elimination of educational vouchers (which enable many minority families to send their children to decent schools)
** An official police policy toward "transgendered" individuals
** Ending the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington’s historic adoption and foster care relationship with D.C., since the Archdiocese would not place children in same-sex "families."

From many years of working in the offices of senators and representatives, he knows the agenda for homosexualization of mainstream culture and socio-political life is purposeful and aggressive.  I like his conclusion: "Let’s always pray for those committed to a same-sex lifestyle, that the Lord would deliver them even as He has delivered those of us who know the Savior.  But let’s also never compromise our dedication to standing for the protection of our children, the sanctity of marriage, and the dignity of human sexuality as ordained by our Creator.”

2 thoughts on “Gay Lesbian Agenda

  1. Regarding human rights,

    “One excuse we have heard for extending honors to anti-gay people and organizations, including the Salvation Army, is that they have otherwise done good that they have otherwise done works. But good works do not excuse discrimination or bias.”

    In other words, if you don’t support the LGBT agenda, you are discriminating. To sum, you can have one position, the GLAA’s.

    • It is quite true that we discriminate concerning agenda. But that goes both ways. I wonder why our discrimination OK and our not? If it is that we are saying, “No” and they are saying, “Yes,” should we both then support the Man Boy Love Association which wants to say “yes” to incest? What of those who want to say “yes” to heroin or honor killing or female circumcision? The argument quickly fails. But though it be fatally flawed, still it lives on. Strange.

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