Infusion Outcome

The infusion was easy. Emilie was my nurse and wonderfully careful and caring. She went through the basics of what’s involved and then started the IV. One medication in 30 minutes and the other in 90 minutes and I was done. While the infusion was going, I got a visit from a chief nurse who is a friend of a friend and a wonderful plate of cookies from Angie Maroon, a friend from church who works at Kaiser. It is a sovereign remedy!!

When I was finished Emilie said I looked a bit flushed and asked if I felt anything odd. I told her I felt a bit off kilter (I know – really helpful!!) but no dizziness, nausea, fatigue, upset stomach or anything like that. I had taken my IV pole to the restroom twice with no issues. So she sent me off feeling quite normal and I drove Sherry and me through Friday afternoon traffic, something Sherry really dislikes doing.

We stopped by Western and I greeted the two Leadership Cohort classes with whom I have deep relationships. I thanked them for prayers and support. I deeply appreciate Todd Miles teaching my theology cohort class. When I stepped into the room as that class ended, people were surpised and very glad to see me and meet Sherry. They also reported that they are now converted to Todd’s way of doing theology 😊

It has been 24 hours since the infusion ended and I am still feeling normal. I flew to San Diego to speak at Park Hill Church tomorrow morning and then hang with friends after. Monday I will spend the day taking the teaching team through Galatians, their next teaching series. That will be a blast! Then I will fly home. An indication of God’s blessing on the trip is that I was upgraded to first class both directions! A better indication is that a former student saw me sit down in the food court and joined me with some huge ministry questions.

I think the first immunotherapy session is free from side effects, which is true for many. I am profoundly grateful. God’s word to me way back when I first got the news of the two cancers was “this is not the end, keep on with what you are doing.” That is my guide. The prayer request is that my “go for it” personality would defer to any warning signs of side effects.

The next stage is Tuesday’s MRI to locate the two meloma nodules in my brain with super precision to enable the radiosurgery on December 15 to zap them and only them.

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  1. Did you like the MRI today? I had one on my brain a few years ago, and man, that thing just knocks and knocks and knocks… and you aren’t supposed to move! I kept wanting to get up and answer the stupid door! Hope it went well in preparation for radiosurgery next week! Hugs and blessings! (I think we need a REAL hug, not just a virtual one).

  2. Had to smile at the comment about Todd’s theology vs yours. How I appreciate both of your teaching.
    I am praying for you, Gerry. Thankful you’re doing well.

  3. I haven’t had a class from Todd, but laughed knowingly that students prefer his style of teaching theology! I also chuckled that Sherry preferred you driving in traffic after the first infusion. Being the controlling type 🙄, I probably couldn’t have acceded the wheel, even with Carrie Underwood crooning in the background! I have heard, though, from friends who’ve experienced immunotherapy, that it was much more endurable than chemo. So thank you, Lord, that Gerry is a good candidate. As for the brain zapping, I’m definitely praying for that. After our youngest son was run over by a car when he was two, the doctor who treated him in the ER reassured us by saying he’d been run over by a tractor when he was five. As both our son and this doctor shared the red-headed personality profile, we listened carefully. The doctor’s parents said being run over was the best thing that ever happened to him! Let this radiation treatment be true for you Gerry!

    • Immunotherapy is way easier on the body! I receive your prayers and encouragement, Jana.

      Blessed Advent to you and David

  4. Laughing tears, the kind, you know, that are so very with you in spirit to GO FOR IT! You have your personal Pauline mandate, “This is not the end. Keep on doing what you’re doing,” and the Lord is with you. And you drove home through Friday traffic — Gary Breshears, not “out of service,” but in service of your beloved and your Beloved! All glory to One!

  5. Fascinated & encouraged by the December 4 update. Gracious divine appointments/provisions from the King. The “engine” & calling He’s given you is extraordinary. Your life, love, intimate acquaintance with Him & His Word, & joy & hunger to make known, enriches thousands & makes our hearts smile.

  6. So glad it went well! Doug, I and my son Joshua pray for you often! Even though we haven’t met i feel like I know you 🙂 Between Doug and the different series of classes online we have watched you teach. Blessings to you brother! Odetta

    • Thank you, Horn family! So good to hear from you. I so enjoyed the one time I got to preach and hang with you. Blessed Advent to you

  7. I’m not sure if you’re totally inspiring or thoroughly crazy. I’m sure I would be in bed the rest of the week. I love your tenacious spirit and you are challenging all of us to use each and every moment for God’s kingdom purposes. So grateful to call you friend and praying fervently for your healing and vitality of life.

    • Thank you, Mary Ann. Immunotherapy is very different than chemotherapy. I don’t have any of the horrors that are common to chemo. So I follow God’s “This is not the end – keep on with what you are doing” And it’s a joy! That’s what I preach on today at Park Hill. When things slow down after end of semester, we will get breakfast and catch up

  8. So glad…. we agree!
    We r in yr city. Gary has a TAVR procedure here at St Vincents next Wed. Pray for him too
    I am with Sherry on the.driving!

    • The other half of the Sherry Twins (Sherry ATkins) had this done a couple of months ago. It went really well and she’s up to speed again. We will be praying that will be Gary’s experience. And we’ll pray for you, too. Sherry knows the difficulty of being the patient’s spouse!

  9. Grateful it went so well. You looked good on Friday (well, no worse than normal 😉). Love to you and Sherry and am praying for you both.

  10. So very thankful, Gerry! Such a good initial infusion. Praying for more success, especially for radiosurgery! You got this, because of your attitude, your support network, and most of all, The Great Physician!!!

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