Infusion #3 – And the Rash

My infusions are getting to be routine things. The only questions are which nurse (Kim this time), which station and which color of tape on my arm..

I did forget Sherry’s foam reading pillow in the waiting room. A text to Sherry and the nice receptionist brought it to me. It makes reading my book easier.

This time it was Christopher Wright, Here Are Your Gods. That is some research for Sunday’s sermon “Repentance: The Way Back” from Jeremiah 3. I need to name the gods people worhip todday since we don’t have temples to Ba’al or Asherah in our towns that Christians are tempted to go to. Wright helped me see that we can find those gods that take us away from YHWH by examining what I wonder about that doesn’t lead to YHWH. Ponder the things (or people or systems) in which we place our trust to deliver us from the things we fear. He suggests the gods find their incarnations in things like wealth, sex, race, nationalism, and self-love.

The immunotherapy is having impact for sure. First, my liver numbers (AST and ALT) are up which in normal but needs watching. Second, when Sherry and I got home, I discovered that I was pretty wiped. So I went to bed early and slept solidly for 11 hours!!

The third and much bigger impact is the rash on my back. Now I need to explain that be be a Breshears is to have an itchy back. So toweling after my morning shower is a great pleasure. This rash gave itchy a whole new painful reality. I reported it to Dr. Mashru and he was not surprised. Rashes like this are a common effect of stimulating the immune system. He prescribed anointing with a magic ointment cream and taking a Zertec once a day. I am glad to report amazing results! The picture is after two anointtings and the redness is half what it was 24 hours earlier.

Now the conundrum two fold: (1) the little tube is only 2 1/2 ounces, can be refilled only after 10 days, and my back is big! (2) how to get the anointing when I leave home before Sherry gets up (she said I may wake her – which is a huge offense in my inner rule system!!). The bigger conundrum is what to do when I am traveling. Several have give Ideas in the comments and we may have a solution. I am always open to more ideas that don’t waste the precious ointment.

6 thoughts on “Infusion #3 – And the Rash

    • the problem right now is a small tube of the ointment and a big back covered with rash – that compounded by no refills until Jan. 23. So I don’t want my precious ointment in a washcloth.

  1. Does your magic potion have calendula in it? David and I think that was the miraculous substance recommended by his radiation oncologist. As for traveling, how about a cotton or gauze swab wrapped around a back scratcher or long-handled wooden spoon. It won’t be as effective as Sherry’s TLC, but it won’t complain about early hours either!

    • It does not, that I know of. It’s triamcinolone acetonide. Unfortunately the tube is quite small and the rast quite large. Hmmm??

    • Thank you, Alan. My biggest perplexity right now is a small tube of the ointment and a big back covered with rash – that compounded by no refills until Jan. 23. So there will be a telephone call on Monday. Sigh!!

      Prayers for Michelle’s memorial tomorrow

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