Commencement & Cancer Update

I had an in office appointment with Dr. Mashru, my medical oncologist today. That’s the first time we have been in the same room in many months. My blood work has been fine for all those months which is wonderful. My recent scans showed one new small melanoma nodule in my lung. That new nodule prompted him to change from pausing immunotherapy after Wednesday’s session to continuing them through the end of June. Then there will be another scan and another consultation.

I am still trying to assess my reaction to this new nodule. It doesn’t really concern me, but any new growth must get serious attention, which Dr. Mashru is giving it.

At Sherry’s request I had Dr. Mashru take a look at a rough spot on my back. He looked carefully, gave a initial suggestion that the skin lesion was a skin cancer of some kind (not melanoma), took a picture and sent it to my Dermatologist. She soon messaged me saying it looks like a “seborrheic keratosis” which is a scary phrase. But she also noted that Dermatologists refer to these benign growths as “barnacles” 😊 So I laughed, thanked her, telling her I am looking forward to my July appointment where she will give me a complet skin check.

I have to admit my bigger emotion is toward Joy Love’s Saturday wedding in Stanfield with Donn and Elizabeth coming from Kansas City and Cyndee coming from Cannon Beach.

My 42nd Western Seminary commencement on Friday and Saturday was a wonderful event. As MABL program founding director, I get to hood all the graduates in the program. There are so many stories in this group of men and women, including two babies born to students this semester. Very productive time.

6 thoughts on “Commencement & Cancer Update

  1. I have been praying earnestly for the “all clear” in April. We almost got there. I will continue to ask for our Lord’s healing and sustenance for you and Sherry.

    Congrats on another Western graduation! What an amazing legacy you have had there. I heard from Ron Marrs it was his last. So sad about that. I’ll debrief with him soon.

    We’re finishing our conference in the DC area. We have 999 in attendance. Home for two days, then off to Biola University for Jack’s graduation. Would love schedule a chat.

  2. Congratulations on 42 years at Western-what a legacy you have in preparing so many for God’s service.
    Will continue to pray.

    • It is a huge privilege to serve . . . especially since I didn’t want to come! I was headed to the Philippines to be a missionary and God did a Jonah to me

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