It's A Girl update

We got a call from Donn. Our tiny little grandgirl (still unnamed) is being transported to Children’s Mercy hospital in Kansas City. They think she may have Meconium aspiration syndrome (see the Wikipedia article). Meconium is normally stored in the infant’s intestines until after birth, but sometimes (often in response to fetal distress) it is expelled into the amniotic fluid prior to birth, or during labor. If the baby then inhales the contaminated fluid, respiratory problems may occur. It brought back memories of the Dodd’s girls who had similar symptoms. We have experience in sharing the stressful experience. Sherry will head back to Kansas City on Sunday. It’s a mother thing!

Donn sent an email with pictures just before they left. He said “Please remember us in your prayers.”

Thank you all,

Donn, Susan, and baby girl Breshears.

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