Day One of "Little Girl Breshears"

I just talked to Susan. She is doing quite well, wrestling with normal stuff after a C-Section.” Her sister and her husband, Katie and John, are there and her Mom will arrive from Portland early this evening. She hopes to be released from the hospital on Sunday other than during the Chiefs- Packer which Donn and John want to see together.

Donn is at Children’s Mercy Hospital with “Little Girl Breshears” and out of contact. Susan says he’s feeling the responsibility of being a father deeply. I know that feeling. The connection between us has been very strong. Sherry is also doing the Mom thing, heading back on Sunday after doing Princess on Ice with Nicole and Joy and me.

“Little Girl Breshears” does not have good blood gas numbers, so they are pushing pretty hard. She was on 100% oxygen under a hood and that wasn’t enough. Now she intubated and doing Nitrous Oxide from an oscillating respirator, so she’s breathing very quickly. She’ll be on the resprator for a week or so. If her blood gasses don’t improve, the next step would be a heart lung bypass. That’s a scary thought, needless to say, but I’m really glad it’s available if they need it.

Little girls do majorly good things for me. There’s a protective, providing piece that comes out, but it’s more than that. Children play and pray together. The connection between the little boy and the little girl simply doesn’t end. Never. Sadness can hit in, longing pangs hurt, but they can’t even touch the connection which waits. Praying for “Little Girl Breshears” is happening. Praying and playing with her will happen and that will bring smiles. Waiting for the children to be together seems endless. So I wait on the LORD. and pray hope.

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