Day 2 of "Little Girl Breshears"

Donn reports: Baby Girl is now Elizabeth Anne Breshears!

She is doing much better this morning.  They are begining to wean her off of 100% oxygen today and are farther from more extreme measures to treat her.  She is still a very sick baby, but things are looking up.  Please continue to pray for us!

I’m here between two excited grandgirls. They are lunching before we head off to Disney’s Princess on Ice. It’s still a surprise for them, but reality will hit soon. And happily!

I sent of the my final work on Death by Love to Crystal for her final edit. It feels good to have done but bad that my delay made us late. On the other hand, I really like the outcome. It mixes good stories with good theology in a pastorally realistic way. I’m eager to see what happens from here.

Off to the Princess show with two princesses!

5 thoughts on “Day 2 of "Little Girl Breshears"

  1. That prayer still lives in my mind, Dean. I didn’t know the outcome other than he came out of ICU in good shape. Now we redirect the prayers to another little one who will one day be a little shorter in stature, but equally living for Jesus.

  2. Gerry,

    Praying for your little Elizabeth. Don’t know if you remember or not, but 21 years ago you prayed for our little boy who was premie and 11 days in ICU. He’s now 6’3″ and living for Jesus.

    Keep us posted.


  3. Belated congratulations on the wonderful arrival of Elizabeth Anne!!! I’m back in town now after the women’s conference & am rejoicing to read that Elizabeth is improving after her rough entry. Will continuet to keep her in my prayers.

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