Elizabeth Anne nears one week

Elizabeth Anne“Little Girl Breshears” is winning hearts as the reality of Elizabeth Anne emerges! Sherry got there Sunday to see our critically ill granddaughter. She is in Children’s Mercy Hospital, a huge specialized complex devoted exclusively to seriously ill children. In it, she is in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. And within that high care area, she is in the extra intensive care area. So she’s in specialized intensive, intensive care. She is improving steadily and the next goal is to go out of the extra intensive area. Her oxygen is down from 100% to 38%. When she gets to 21% she’s at normal air level. All her vital signs are good and her blood gasses are OK. So the possibility of a heart lung bypass is not in her future. She’s still sedated to keep her from fighting the ventilator tube in her mouth.

The prognosis is all good though she has a long way to go. Normal air soon, off the ventilator sometime this weekend, perhaps. Home around Thanksgiving? All subject to change, of course.

She’s beautiful, Sherry says. And I’ve seen pictures to confirm that! Despite the sedation, she cracked her eye for Susan, her mom. She keeps her pinkie out proving that she’s a refined little girl.

Seeing the renewing impact of Elizabeth’s arrival has made me wonder. On one hand, there’s a lot of stress and fatigue, but there’s been no snapping or anger. There’s been a huge amount of prayer in and around Donn’s life. There’s been a extraordinary joy because of how close she came to death. They gave Susan a stress test to see how labor would affect thngs. That’s when they discovered how drastically Elizabeth’s heart rate was affected. Had Susan gone into regular labor, Elizabeth would not have survived. Thus the very quick move to a C-Section. And then the meconium aspiration that almost overwhelmed her again. She’s twice been near death, and still could be. But she’s so alive. So beautiful. The risks of life are incredible. And life so wonderful. It’s a deep experience to be shared with all the emotions and prayers, especially with those closest to me.

Sherry gets home this afternoon so I’ll put a couple of pictures here. If you want to email me at gerry@breshears.net or leave a comment, I’ll send a link to a bunch of pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Anne nears one week

  1. That’s so beautiful, thank you grand-pa. The little pinkie thing, well they’re still often up. See you this summer!
    Your loving granddaughter,

  2. Thank you both (and many others) for prayers. It’s impossible to say how much we appreciate being the recipients of your grace gifts to us to the Father.

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