Life in Elizabeth Lane

Happy Susan!Elizabeth Anne wiredWe are back from Cannon Beach. The conference was good, but the highlight was Sherry and Cyndee spending Saturday afternoon shopping for grandgirls. Elizabeth Anne will have no shortage of cute things!

Speaking Elizabeth (and we do a lot of that!), she is not only off the high powered respirator, but also has had her trac tube withdrawn. So she’s on Susan’s Viewa CPAP machine, akin to the one Sherry uses when she sleeps. There are still lots of IV lines and the CPAP air comes from a nose based system, so she’s wired. Donn says she objected big time to the tubes going down her nose! Coming off the morphine has had some withdrawal stuff but the oxygen is getting closer to normal.

The coolest deal is that Susan got to hold her daughter for the first time. Think she looks happy?

Tomorrow I’ll spend a block of time with Randy Alcorn. He told his prayer supporters that he’s writing his next book on suffering and evil. So I contacted his office and offered to talk things through with him. He jumped at the chance. So we’ll do intense conversation. He’s thinking carefully about things like Elizabeth’s double near death which brought some people closer to the LORD. Did God pre-approve what happened, planning it in order to touch people? Or did His grace work in this situation even though He is not the one who initiated the trauma? This is just a hint of the issues that we’ll work through in this mutually enjoyable time. “Theology come to life” is my motto and it will be very real.

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