More Surprises

The story of Elizabeth won’t settle down. She is going in the right direction. She’s off the CPAP and just getting oxygen enriched air through a nasal breathing tube. She is off all IV medications and only getting some morphine the ease her off the high doses she needed earlier. Donn says she will soon be moved into the “normal” NICU. Very good news!

BUT . . . last Thursday, Donn hit a deer so his car is in the body shop. Way worse, Susan has a serious infection in her C-Section incision so she’s back in the hospital on IV antibiotics. So she’s on as Elizabeth goes off.

Post surgical infections are too common these days as germs are more antibiotic resistant. I wonder if we are moving backward in terms of infectious diseases with “routine” infections becoming serious. The rising number of staph infections that can’t be treated with antibiotics are making news now. “Defeated” diseases like tuberculosis are coming back. STD’s are quite serious risks. Just when we think we have control, it slips away. On the other hand, just a few years ago, Elizabeth would have been one of those “perfect” babies who died at birth. Hard to understand.

I’m at Evangelical Theological Society through Friday. We were in San Diego 18 years ago. We met in a church with about 400 people partipating. Now we meet in a convention center with more than 2500 participating. Then I was just a presenter, doing “The Third Wave: An Outsider’s Assessment” looking at the Vineyard Movement which was sweeping the world. John Wimber, the Vineyard leader, showed up at my paper to my shock, but it was a highlight. I remember it as a relaxing time when I could go for a walk with a close friend who came to the meeting. Now I’m a past president, serving on three sub-committees of the executive committee, meeting with publishers about the soon to be released book, Vintage Jesus, and the subsequent volumes. I’m still doing a paper, this time, Demons and Believers:What Shall We Teach? and co-chairing the Gender Study Group. It is a very busy time!

Changes. Surprises. Loses. Beauty. Friends. Life.

5 thoughts on “More Surprises

  1. Hi, Gerry!

    Wow, what a saga for your family. Once again, a chapter on God’s great care through troubled waters. I, too, would appreciate using your work on demons and believers in my chaplain ministry. We have a number of men who, after they have made commitments of faith for salvation, get really ugly, vivid, and evil dreams. I’ve always made a distinction between Satan’s attacks to oppress believers, since the adversary cannot possess us. You taught us that years ago. I recall we discussed the impact of oppression being very strong.

    I also want to read your work with Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill.

    In Christ,

    In Christ,

  2. That is really a fun comment, Scott. The demons didn’t show, but the people did. The room was packed and the comments following were very positive.

    Thanks for all the prayers for Elizabeth. She’s a gem.

  3. Hi Gerry, I am so glad you have Elizabeth in your life and that she is making progress. I’ll pray for her and her parents and you and Sherry.

    On the other hand, if John Wimber came to your session on the Vineyard. . . I hope Satan doesn’t come to your session on demons!

  4. Ted and I are praying for you and your family, Gerry. We are also praying for your safe travel as you go to visit your family. Have a warm and peace filled Thanksgiving.

    We’re using all that you taught us about spiritual warfare up here in north Idaho. If you publish your paper on Demons and Believers, we’d like to read it. Also, the things we learned in theology classes are being put into constant practice here too. Thanks for your role in equipping us!

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