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You simpy MUST go see Bella I rarely am deeply moved in a film. The last one was The Passion of the Christ. Bella did that for me. It moved me in a life affirming way where grace goes into tragedy and redeems. Little girls are awesome occasions of grace and it’s the scene where the little girl is running freely with the butterfly of hope above her that ties the movie together. I know about that little girl, full of smiles, hope, fear, wonder. She’s one who inspires depth, brings out the best in those around her.

LFirst Mama Mealife. Little girls. Beautiful. After Elizabeth’s double near death experience as she entered this world, it’s all the more As it should bewonder-filled. And I’m very glad to say the news is very good. Susan went back into the hospital because of the post-surgical infection but came home Thursday evening. Elizabeth is off her IV antibiotics and respirator with just Oxygen assist for breathing now.

The BIG news is that she had her first meal straight from Mama (Donn’s words), as the pictures show. She still has some tubes and the breathing line, but she’s improving steadily. We just pray she will be home from the hospital by Friday November 30 when Sherry and I arrive along with David, Cyndee and Joy. No little germ factories are allowed in the hospital at all in winter cold/flu season.

I spent Tuesday through Friday in San Diego at the Evangelical Theological Society meetings. An indicator of my involvement is that I didn’t buy a single meal during the conference! A lot of the time is reconnecting with friends and former students. This time I met with people from Crossway about the publication project. I also did work with the executive committee, something I’ve done continuously since my term ended ten years ago. I’m a part of two sub-committees so I joined the committee for an hour of their meeting. The surprise was that when they wanted to appoint someone to fill out the remainder of Frank Beckwith’s term, they asked me. So I’ll go back on the committee for another four years. I think it’s the first time in the 50 year history of the organization that someone has returned. Since we change to study group format and to a full time executive director in this time frame, it’s a crucial time.

Sherry and I are doing Thanksgiving differently this year: She’s working! More amazingly, her shift will begin at 5 am. So our dinner will be on Wednesday evening, putting us in synch with our friends around the world.

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