Just in Time!

Grandpa Gerry’s JoyThe LadiesWe arrived at Elizabeth’s house (well, Donn and Susan’s too) about 4:30 and it was JUST IN TIME. We walked in the door with Donn asking if we could watch Elizabeth while they got lessons in caring for her oxygen equipment. There could be no better greeting! Cyndee got the first turn with me just a bit later with Joy dancing around all the time. Sherry did her grandmother thing too. So I won’t have to go to jail after all! They say there’s an ice storm coming tomorrow, so it’s particularly good that she’s here.

As I write this, Susan and Donn are upstairs doing a feeding and we are enjoying them via the monitor. It’s amazing how intelligent adults change when there’s a new born around. Elizabeth still has oxygen, a monitor that beeps when her heart beat and respiration. But after nearly dying twice and spending a month in the hospital, her cries and even the wails of her monitor are exciting. And you should see what her little smiles do to us!

 Joy did her first airplane ride followed by her first bus ride. She was totally thrilled with every bit of it. With her very own MP3 player, puzzle books and the Southwest Airlines snacks, along with a Daddy, Aunt Cyndee and two Grandparents, how could she have been happier? She’s been dancing around the house since she was refreshed by food. We did Jack’s Stack, the most famous of the Kansas City style B-B-Que places.

May your joy be as full as ours!

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  1. What a great visit. Still praying for strength for the littlest one and wisdom for everyone in charge of her care. Enjoy.

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