Stormy Finish

Footprint? Yawn!ShakaWe are still marveling at the wonder of Elizabeth Anne. 48 hours with her was wonderful. We did our best to spoil her with being held in those brief hours. It was strange to see her get her doses of Methdone. That connotes drug addiction rather than helping her end the effects of her morphine sedation so she’d not fight the respirator that saved her life. She’s a pretty calm little girl considering the drama of her entrance into the world. You can see in the left hand picture that she’s already learned the Hawaiian “shaka” sign in attitude as well as in gesture. She thought Susan and Cyndee decision to footprint her an occasion for a big yawn.

Samantha called from Cannon Beach as we left on Sunday night to tell us that high winds had blown out the electric service at the Conference Center from 11:00 to 5:30. The “Called to Be Handicapped” conference was going on with 22 seriously handicapped people in the final session on the second floor of Pacific View Lodge. Problem: No electricity means no elevators. Samantha’s crew were able to take the lunch upstairs but still no electricity. No matter how powered the wheel chair, it won’t go down stairs! So what to do? Well, you call the fire department! Problem solved. But the electricity went off again later in the evening and it’s still off. They don’t expect to have service for a couple of weeks. There has been no telephone and no cell phone service. Land line service came back up tonight (Wednesday), but unless you hav an old rotary dial phone, you can’t use it without electricity. One of the elders at Grace owns a major cell tower construction business. They’ve not been able to get to the beach to do repairs because of highways closed with fallen trees and landslides.  There’s a very dramatic picture of the I-5 closure at Chehalis here.

 The up side is that David, Cyndee and Joy spent an extra night here since there was no way to get to Cannon Beach. If the CBCC Christmas Conference is cancelled, they may head off to their 2 1/2 week trip to theme parks in Southern California a few days early.

I hope your house is dry, and your joy is full as we move into Advent.

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