Off To Uganda


Sherry and I will leave for Uganda in a couple of hours and be there through most of the month of May. The weeks of anticipation, days of preparations, hours of packing and worrying about what we’ve forgotten are coming to an end.

We will be working primarily with Catharine Coon and Hope Alive Africa ( Catharine became a close friend back when she was a student at Western. Since then we have partnered together in the growth of Hope Alive, serving the original US board. It has grown to serve over 500 students. HA! pays school fees and related expenses with the idea that keeping them in their fragile family systems while utilizing resources of churches to help them succeed in school. This is an investment in the orphans and in the  country.

Our KLM flight will go through Schipol Airport, my favorite international airport on the way to Nairobi and after a VERY long time to Entebbe.

Prayers much appreciated!

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