Double Brain Zap!

The double brain zap is done. I laid on the table for 40 “no movement” minutes with Baroque Classical music in the background with the X-ray instrument moving super precisely to blast the two melanoma nodules in my brain (see pictures below). The personally constructed “Green Mask” held my head motionless for the duration. I may have taken a short nap to help maintain the motionless state. Then I was released to go home feeling quite normal.

Last Thursday’s MRI showed that both nodules had almost doubled in size in the three weeks between the two imagining sessions. Growth at that rate made my blood run cold, I have to admit, because there are also nodules in my lungs that are not getting zapped into oblivion. The immunotherapy teaches my immune system to attack them. I am very glad that I have MANY people praying that it will be fully effective. The good news is that there were no new nodules in my brain, something Dr. Frager said is not uncommon. There will be a follow up MRI in a couple of months, a part of the ongoing assessment.

The update on my bladder infection is below

18 thoughts on “Double Brain Zap!

  1. Dear priest of the Lord, prophet too in speaking Truth,

    What conversations are being recorded for eternity. All that rises from breath through the breath of the Spirit into the heavenlies as incense before the throne, what is its fragrance?!

    May all the daily, hourly conversations -no wifi needed, just Spirit-fi! – renew your patience, joy, trust and strength.

    And may any zap-age zap away dross only by Holy mandate making your life that leads even more reflective.

    Our Father, who art, the I am, You are all.

    Your sis Kathryn

  2. Gosh …. what an ordeal Gerry. I am continuing to pray for you as is Susan. So glad to hear you weathered it all the last few weeks. Glad you made it to Arizona too. Praying God’s best for you in the weeks ahead.

  3. Be assured of my prayers for you, Gerry!
    The Lord knows His plans for you . . . .
    On a further note, I have to also say that it was amazing that you did not move while listening to Baroque music. I could never do that unless I was asleep our knocked out.

    • Hi Jeff

      It was pretty low volume and I was under STRONG instruction about moving – and I wanted melanoma, not brain cells to get zapped1

  4. Well, Gerry, you do keep me on the edge of my seat with these posts! Good that they did a specific zap to the brain nodules. But to wait several months??? And so for the lungs, they just want the immunotherapy to take care of those? What about the one near the gall bladder/liver? Will that also be targeted with the immunotherapy? I think your prayer warrior team is growing, as well as a band of angels protecting you. You continue to amaze me, with flying to Tucson! Anyway, just checking in, and remind you that I am also on your prayer team, with great expectations! Thanks for keeping us all informed. Hugs!!!

    • Immunotherapy will deal with the melanoma in my lungs and liver. There is no other treatment since surgery won’t deal with nodules distributed through out my lungs.

      Keep on praying – that’s the bestest immunotherapy!!

  5. Thanks for these updates, Gerry, even when the news is distressing to hear. (Obivously even more distressing to experience.) Prayers for you have been on-going in the Kwak family, including from our kids who don’t know you but are probably starting to feel like they do. If the nodules have doubled in size, our prayers efforts will be redoubled in response. Very invested in your journey, brother.

    • Not much distress on my end. God’s word “this is not the end: keep on with what you are doing” is the directing point in my like. So far almost no discomfort other than last weeks’ developments

  6. Following your posts closely and praying frequently. You are a warrior in so many ways as well as a peacemaker. Love to you and Sherry.

    • Thank you Katrina and Bill. I am eager to be a peacemaker and am definitely a warrior against the Serpent, his ways and his wiles. Love you. Eager for February

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