Infusion #2 is history

Today’s infusion #2 meant another 30 minutes of Opdivo drip followed by 90 minutes of Yervoy drip mixed with about half a bag of saline. Kayla, my nurse this time, used a very warm blanket to prepare my arm for insertion of the IV port and then turned it into an arm pad. Thank you again, Kayla!! The IV pole, AKA my dancing partner, follows me everywhere! I took my Kindle to read a theology text while I was being dripped into. Angie dropped in again for conversation and blessed us with a marvelous apple crisp. She is my hero!

At the end of the time I felt just the same as when I started the process, which is good so long as it also attacks the Melanoma nodules in my lungs and liver. The only side effect so far is a mild skin rash over much of my arms and torso.

The windows look out at the cold Portland weather which is threatening to bring snow to the valley floor Sunday. As I finished my sermon outline before going in for my infusion, I wondered if I were wasting my time and the time of the team that will prepare the fill in the blanks notes for our people.

The miraculously relieving catheter (below) became a problem as the bladder infection succumbed to the antibiotics. I contacted the urology department repeatedly asking about getting it removed. Their earliest appointment was December 30 (!!!!). So I asked Sean Roley, a neo-natal intensive care nurse who is also a member of our elder and preaching teams at Grace, if he could do me a great service. He did and I am deeply grateful.

My next infusion is January 14 followed by assessment before round two.

I continue to marvel at my continuing strength and energy and Sherry’s support as we celebrate our Advent as a cancer patient.

16 thoughts on “Infusion #2 is history

  1. Sorry I’ve been AWOL on your blog, but not in my prayers for you and Sherry. I’m all caught up on your news and images. I must say, nice brain, Gerry! I mean, I’ve seen it in action many times, but your gray matter is very photogenic! We love you and are deeply grateful for your ministry in our lives. We’ll keep up the prayers.

  2. Your extended spiritual family in San Diego is praying fervently for you, Gerry. I’m also glad to hear relationships within the Grace elder and preaching teams are apparently very deep and trusting!

    • thank you. I deeply appreciate the deep relationship with y’all. And, yes, the trust relation in our team is deep! Blessed New Year to you

  3. thank you for the update Gerry. I will continue to keep you in my prayers as you journey through this. One thought came up in your update was how beautiful the church is as each member is so equipped in diverse ways to come alongside and help. I was encouraged in reading. Blessings and Happy Christmas!

  4. Hmmm. ‘Drip’. Humbled as I await my coffee to finish its ‘drip’, and aware that your ‘drip’ is just a wee bit more significant. While I’m glad that I can make coffee umpteen different ways- I’m so grateful for the medical learning & technology behind your drip. So grateful you’re in good hands. Yes indeed Good hands.

    Praying for the process to be thorough, and trusting you’ll milk it for all its worth. Keep yoking with Him.

    • Actually, I prefer the coffee drip as I am enjoying the results of that drip before I head off to preach our Live Stream only service at Grace.

      More seriously, I deeply appreciate your prayers, Bob

  5. Glad to hear treatment is going well. I continue to trust God will lead you through this process. You and Sherry are always in my prayers.

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