Quick Update

No results on Monday’s CT scan yet. That will tell us the impact of the immunotherapy on the Melanoma nodules that are distributed throughout my lungs.

My energy levels are good with good sleep and appetite. The only pain is from my hunched back and that is minimal so long as I keep it supported. Mostly I don’t use my walker unless I am doing longer walks.

I had a video call with Dr. Mahadeva, a neurologist, this morning. He is sure the neck weakness and droopy eye lid is myasthenia gravis – an auto-immune thing that reduces production of an enzymme that enables the normal communication between nerves and muscle He prescribed a steroid that he thinks will help pretty quickly. But it is not standard stuff on the Kaiser Pharmacy shelves, so I will not get it until Thursday.

The other encouraging news is that my liver enzyme numbers are coming back up so Dr. Mashru reduced my Prednisone from 80 mg to 60 mg. Happy liver, happy Gerry!

I flew to San Jose today to teach my cohort class tomorrow. Very fun and low stress since everyone takes care of me. I’ll be back home Wednesday night and be with Sherry for a couple of weeks.

As I was driving home from a blood draw at Kaiser I saw this most dramatic rainbow. By the time i got to where I could pull over for a picture it was only half as large – but what a symbol of joy and hope in the dark of the rain clouds. I sing joy in the presence and power of the Lord who strengthens and heals and gives me opportunity to do what I love!

6 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Super great news! What a gift to see that rainbow. The Lord is steadfast in His love and kindness. Continuing to pray for you and Sherry. Love to you both.

  2. Continuing to pray for a great outcome! The rainbow is not only the symbol of hope, but is light in the darkness. May you continue to get stronger each and every day, Be The Light, find His blessings in each and every day!

  3. I’ve prayed seriously for you and SO appreciate your keeping us updated! And that marvelous rainbow even though at only half splendor! Taking the time for that picture says a lot about you.

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