May Stories

I marinated in radioactive juice again on Monday (AKA a PET scan). The results are exactly what Sherry and I hoped to see. After three different kinds of cancer in two years, including melanoma that had metastasized to my brain and lungs, it is nice to say that medical science cannot find any cancer in my body! I will talk with Dr. Mashru on May 31 to get his direction for next post-cancer steps.

Sherry and I traveled to Kansas City to celebrate Donn’s 55th birthday with steak dinner, Michael and me doing the grandpa/grandson walk to McDonalds, Michael’s first guitar recital, Breshears boys at Top Golf, Elizabeth’s corale winning gold at a state choral competition and a Sunday evening concert at Redemptorist┬áCathedral and a lot of family time. Concert 1, Conert 2, Concert 3, Click on the links to see video’s of the concert. Elizabeth is wearing the head covering.

Steak dinner at Hereford Steak House
Breshears boys at Top Golf
Michael and me walking to McDonalds